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  • What to See in September

    September is the start of the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and the Roan tree with its red berries and the Sweet chestnut are great examples of this. The squirrels have made off with the abundant crop of walnuts that were growing  North of the Tennis Courts. The surround

  • Fund Raising News

    The Gardens are very fortunate in having so many loyal supporters who raise money for us. One of the most recent is Helen Finbow, who with friends Carol and John courageously abseiled down Church Langley Water Tower, beside the M11 near Harlow. It was part of an initiative by Harlow

  • Wildlife Report June 2016

    From our Wildlife expert David Bowtell. At last I have found the time to put together a report of the wildlife observations in the Gardens from January to June. Quite a lot of sightings from the hide and surrounds, starting with a Grey Wagtail on the pond edge in early

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