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  • Tesco’s Volunteering Day

    We have been enormously fortunate having been chosen for one of Tesco’s Volunteering Days. Together with Wyvale, Groundforce, David Austin Roses and our own team of volunteers, about 100 people descended on the Gardens on 14th of September 2016. It all came about from a suggestion by the Braintree Community

  • What to see in October

    Tomorrow is the start of October, and there will be much to see in the Gardens this month. Keep an eye on the Amelanchier near the corner of the path North of the Tennis courts. It is just beginning to turn into its Autumn colour. It will become a brilliant

  • Tesco’s Volunteering Day

    September is the start of the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and the Roan tree with its red berries and the Sweet chestnut are great examples of this. The squirrels have made off with the abundant crop of walnuts that were growing  North of the Tennis Courts. The surround

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