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  • Beckys Blog Chapter 4

    And then I realised that to feel more alive, I had to become less afraid, so I did it. Lost my fear and gained my whole life back. What was at the time a chasm in my path, I realise now is just another bump in the road. Chapter 4

  • Becky’s Blog Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 – June 16th 2016 Well my blood test has been done ready for the 29th. I was more apprehensive about this one because I knew the results could be life defining in the near future. My groin and nodes have ached for days and I’m so tired, sometimes

  • Becky’s Blog Lymphoma – Diagnosis and Beyond

    My Diagnosis February 22nd 2016 and beyond When I was diagnosed with Lymphoma on the fateful day, above, I kind of already knew that was what the consultant was going to say. Unfortunately I find the  “C” word (not the extremely rude one, I can’t abide) hard to spit out

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