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  • What to see in the Gardens in April

    Magnolia planted in Memory of Sister Marjorie Hunt. On Wednesday 26th April, 20 parishioners from St Peter’s Church Bocking came to the Public Gardens, with the Rev Fr Tim Barnes to help plant a Magnolia Stellata in memory of a much loved lady, Sister Marjorie Hunt.            

  • What to see in the Gardens in March

    I do not think that March has come in like a lion or a lamb – just rather cold damp and miserable – however on every side there are signs of Spring not far away. The bulbs either side of the main gate and planted on the Tesco Volunteering Day

  • What to see in the Gardens in February

    Traditionally February is Known as February “Fill Ditch” because of the long lasting downpours we experience this month, and tropical Storm Doris may well fill a few ditches, but February is the month which promises good things to come after the rigours of the Winter. Aconites and Snow drops make

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