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  • What to see in July

    “Flaming June” has now departed and July is with us. Although the successive plants flowering one after the other in June, is finished, there is plenty to see in July. The many lime trees in the Gardens are just coming into flower with their wonderful perfume. Stand underneath a lime tree

  • What to see in June

    After a very chilly start Flaming June has at last arrived. There is much to see in the Gardens this month. As you walk round you may be stopped dead in your tracks by the glorious scent of the Philadelphus or mock Orange. There is one near the Japanese Maple

  • What to see in May

      May of course is the month when everything in the Gardens really starts moving. Wherever you look there is something of interest happening. An unexpected bonus to the work carried out to the Memorial Oak, last year are the lovely show of Forgetmenots in the area fenced off around the

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