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  • What to see in May

      May of course is the month when everything in the Gardens really starts moving. Wherever you look there is something of interest happening. An unexpected bonus to the work carried out to the Memorial Oak, last year are the lovely show of Forgetmenots in the area fenced off around the

  • Loss of 2 trees

    If you go down to the Wildlife area, you will see that sadly 2 trees have had to be felled. A Sycamore was hanging dangerously over the boundary fence, while next to it a Horse Chestnut had a completetely rotten cavity in its trunk. Had either tree, come down towards

  • What to see in April

    As soon as as you walk into the Gardens, you are aware Spring is here. A wren is singing fit to burst and if you are in luck you will hear some of the other visiting warblers starting with the Chiff chaff. There is a fine show of primroses at the

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