• Shrubs near Holm Oak at the Main Gate

    The shrubs planted near the Holm Oak can be recognised from the following Plan. Look up the number on the plan from the list at the bottom of the page.

  • Bhutan Pine 2016

    Tree No 99b Bhutan Pine Pinus wallichiana A native of the Himalayas and introduced into Britain in 1823 by A.B. Lambert. In the wild state can reach 46 metres. It grows at 2500/3000 metres A very rapid grower – the leading shoot can grow 75 cm annually. This tree was worryingly looking

  • Roses

    Roses and Other plants planted in November 2016 The Public Gardens are enormously grateful for all the work, commitment and valuable plants supplied by Tesco, Wyvale, Ground Force, Pond Specialist and David Austin Roses.   In November 2016 the Gardens were lucky enough to be chosen for one of Tesco’s

  • Tulips

    The Tulips you see, planted in clumps, around the Gardens were planted in 2014, having been given in memory of Max and Gladys (who he always knew as Blossom) Bygraves, by their son Anthony. This is part of a country wide scheme to plant Tulips in places to lift the hearts of

  • Sarcococca confusa

    A group of 3 Sweet Box shrubs, planted in memory of Sister Marjorie Hunt a true friend of the Gardens 1931-2016 On April 26th 2017 a Magnolia stellata was planted in memory of  Sister Marjorie by members of the congregation of St Peter’s Church Bocking having jointly subscribed to purchase

  • Incense Cedar

    Tree 145a Incense Cedar Calocedrus decurrens This tree was planted in 2016,  in memory of James Simmons. Read more about James Simmons The Incense Cedars are native to Oregon and California in the USA. It grows as a magnificent column up to 37 metres high. The incense of its name

  • Wild Cherry 2016

    Wild Cherry Prunus avium Planted in October 2016 as The Turner family tree. > Planted by Brian Turner of Braintree. Having enjoyed the gardens for the past 45years or more Brian decided he would like to have a tree planted in the gardens. > This tree has been planted for

  • Black Mulberry

    142a Black Mulberry Morus nigra Planted in memory of Doreen Richardson 1922-2016 Read more about Doreen Richardson Mulberry trees appeared from China in the Dark ages and with them the secret of silk production. This is the Black mulberry or eating one. For silk and silk worm production the tree is

  • Measuring Trees

    Measuring Trees for Height and Age An easy method to measure a trees height is to cut a straight stick the exact length from the furthest reach of your outstretched grasping hand to your eye ball. (For a class of children each will have to have his own) You then

  • False Acacia

    This Tree was planted in Memory of Sidney and Joan Handscombe Read more about Sidney and Joan Handscombe False Acacia – Robinia pseudoacacia “Frisia”Tree No 132a – D12 This tree was planted on 3rd December 2015 in Memory of Sidney and Joan Handscombe Otherwise known as the Black Locust and