Beckys Blog Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – June 16th 2017

Today Kindle Lady is ambling through the park, my husband said “Morning,”, cheerfully, inwardly I groaned at his boldness, envying this. She looked at us both. “Good morning”, but a smile never appeared.

Ted wa sitting in his usual spot, and he nodded at us, each lap we did, his watch lying on a white towel, ticking happily, as he whiles away the hours. He stayed longer today, when usually he is a stickler for time keeping, often gone between 11.30 and noon.

On the green a father and young son were blowing up balloons and then letting them go, up, up into the dull cloudy sky, a long a long continuous squeak from each deflating spheroid. A while later after Ted had been gone a while, we sat under the bandstand, three boys were attacking a tree, ripping off branches, pleased with each other’s efforts. We were angry, Dave made a move to stand up, when all of a sudden, from nowhere, an irate lady marched towards them, her body language gave off an air of authority. “What do you think you are doing?”, she bellowed. The boys looked sheepish, dropping the torn branches onto the grass. Approaching them, the conversation became inaudible, it lasted a few minutes. Picking up the off-shoots , she advanced steadily down the Gardens to the composting area. The boys meanwhile took the valuable opportunity to scarper. On her return, Dave greeted and said he was about to do the very same thing. “It’s sacrilege to see that happen”, I remarked. “It is”, she agreed..We introduced ourselves, she replied “My name is Sue. I’m a Trustee”, chatting some more, I told her about my endeavour to write a book. She suggested I call Julien Courtauld, regarding lowly scribblings. This is where it all truly beagan.


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