Beckys Blog Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – June 25th 2017

I find myself at my favourite place 3 days after our New York holiday, sitting under the Bandstand. Two men playing tennis, concentrating hard. On the green sits four people of various ages on chairs. One lady’s voice travels across the park on the wind intermittantly, she gestures wildly with her arms as she speaks to elderly people, beside her.

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t jet lag of any sort or fatigue yet, since flying back. It really was the most fantastic trip, I’ve had in my life. My husband even remarked that it was the most relaxed he’d seen me in a long time.

The tennis guys begin chatting in a foreign language – sounds like Polish, but I’m not certain , they can play tennis well, for sure.

Time in New York, has proved one thing – I want to do more now. My cousin commented that I am a jetsetter and seem to be doing all sorts. I replied “Don’t wait to do things now, because you may not be able to do them later”.

Yesterday, I’d been to London, two days after landing back in the UK. Another rare day out with my Mum. We went to the Ritz, my treat as part of her 70th birthday celebrations. We’ve planned more together – Les Miserables, London Eye, holiday to Ireland, and a spa day.  And we have those all important Vows to renew. I am keen to do that most of all.. A symbol of my love I feel for Dave.

The sun goes in, making a slight chill in the air. A father pushes a buggy, and his toddler son runs ahead in front. “what is it?” he asks pointing to something in the grass, he finds something else – “What is it?”

Dark clouds are emerging – must think about going home soon. My stomach is rumbling. The next hospital appointment looms in six weeks time. Oh boy they come round quickly


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