Beckys Blog Chapter Seven

Chapter 7 – July 25th 2017

It is the start of the Summer holidays, but a grey and overcast morning. The children’s bouncy castles lie flat and dormant on the Park’s grass. Each Summer Holiday the man arrives with his mixed bag of rides and inflatables, and the quiet lawn becomes a haven for Mums and Dads who watch their children run off boundless energy for a small price.

I, meanwhile, watch Ted who has just used the Toilet facilities and is now cycling ferociously to his safe place under the Bandstand.

Finishing my coffee, we rise, Dave and I crack at a few more laps, to make me happy. Passing Ted, who is listening to a music quiz, on his radio. A local runner who comes through the Park, as part of his training. Ted loves a natter, or he will say to you, he comes here for peace and quiet.  “It’s Robbie Williams, it’s Robbie Williams”, he shouts out an answer. The DJ says “the correct answer is popstar Robbie Williams, “Yes, I said it was”, he yells in glee, the jogger smiles. I notice under the bench lies some grey tape and a pair of scissors. Neatly on top of his seat is a ragged once pink towel, next to his beloved radio.  “I was going to come yesterday, but my bike broke down, I had to turn back home”. He sounds disappointed. We carry on past as a drizzle begins. homeward bound.

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