Evie Morgan

Evelyn Morgan (nee Piggin)
1910 – 2010

A true ‘Braintree Girl’,
Evelyn’s parents owned a grocers shop in Bank Street and other properties in Braintree. When
Evelyn was born they were living in Gresham House, Bradford Street, Bocking.
She spent her married life abroad living in Hong Kong , Kuala Lumpur and East Africa. When her
husband retired they chose to live in Cornwall, however they always thought of Braintree as home.
After the death of her husband she divided her time between Cornwall and Essex.
She was a mine of local information both historical and social. Evelyn was a member of several
societies and associations based in the Braintree area one of which was the Braintree and Bocking
Public Gardens. Until the time of her death she was very interested in “news of Braintree people
and the town in general”.