Tesco’s Volunteering Day

We have been enormously fortunate having been chosen for one of Tesco’s Volunteering Days. Together with Wyvale, Groundforce, David Austin Roses and our own team of volunteers, about 100 people descended on the Gardens on 14th of September 2016. It all came about from a suggestion by the Braintree Community Foundation that helping the Public Gardens would be a way of doing something of lasting benefit to a large number of people in our community. Tesco employees from all over the district from Stevenage in the West, Ipswich, Haverhill, Maldon, Tiptree, Royston, Baldock, and of course Braintree and many others, joined with teams from Wyvale and Goundforce, came to dig, rake, sweep, plant, chip, spread, paint, sweep, water, repair, and much else beside. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and the teams went home very very tired but having done a superb job for us, and the legacy of freshly planted beds and all the jobs done that the Trustees of the Gardens had had to put off for lack of manpower or funds. Wyvale contributed many £100s worth of plants, which can be seen through out the Gardens. The beds on either side of the path at the main gate have been planted to a scheme suggested by the Gardeners’ Question Time panel earlier in the year THANK YOU TESCO, THANK YOU WYVALE, THANK YOU GROUNDFORCE, THANK YOU DAVID AUSTIN ROSES THANK YOU CUTTINGHEDGE GARDEN DEVELOPMENTS, THANK YOU MARIAN MALLETT AND HER TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS WHO WORK IN OUR GARDENS. The 14th September 2016 was certainly a red letter day for the Public gardens


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