Bhutan Pine 2016

Tree No 99b

Bhutan Pine

Pinus wallichiana

A native of the Himalayas and introduced into Britain in 1823 by A.B. Lambert. In the wild state can reach 46 metres. It grows at 2500/3000 metres A very rapid grower – the leading shoot can grow 75 cm annually.

This tree was worryingly looking sick in the Summer of 2015. It is hoped it will recover. Time will tell. In the Summer 2016, sadly the tree died and Honey fungus was suspected as the cause of death. A replacement tree was purchased from Barcham’s and planted in November 2016 on a new site to the East of the Pagoda tree.


This tree was planted in 2016 as a replacement to the tree that died from Honey fungus in 2016.

It was planted in memory of Ron Hubbard.