Margaret Mary Harrington

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Margaret Mary Harrington – 1922 – 2018

“Margaret Mary Maxim was born in Albert Road, Braintree in 1922, and after that the her family were one of the first to take up residence in Silver Street in a newly built village called Silver End.  When Margaret was 21 she married Thomas Ronald Harrington, a Bocking  man (in 1942) whom at the time was in the RAF.  When my father was demobbed in 1945 they moved to a flat in Bradford Street above Sol Porter’s pet meat shop (whose wife was Thomas Harrington’s sister Phyllis), which is where they had their first child in 1947 and that is when she started going to the Public Gardens with the baby.  In around 1949 they moved to a large cottage at 47 Church Lane, Bocking and  then had their second son in 1950, who also was walked to the Public Gardens.  In 1957 she moved to London Road, Braintree with her family where they had a small holding until 1970 when they retired and moved back to Braintree where their connection with the Public Gardens continued.”