Roses and Other plants planted in November 2016

See Plan of Rose bed near Lily Pond

The Public Gardens are enormously grateful for all the work, commitment and valuable plants supplied by Tesco, Wyvale, Ground Force, Pond Specialist and David Austin Roses.


In November 2016 the Gardens were lucky enough to be chosen for one of Tesco’s Community Volunteering days. Over 100 volunteers descended upon the Gardens, each under their own team leaders to perform a great variety of jobs which the Gardens management team had agree’d needed to be carried out. Tesco collaborated with Wyvale Garden Centre, Ground Force, Pond Specilaist and David Austin Roses to supply all that was necessary to make a real impact on the Gardens.

The area inside the Main gate and on the East side of the path was completely replanted, the Main Gates were cleaned and painted, the Gents Toilet was decorated inside, repairs were made to the benches in the Bandstand, an area for composting was cleared from an accumulation of fallen branches and vegetable matter, and made available for composting, a water butt was added to the Barn, a new fountain and more powerful pump was added to the Lily Pond, a new rose bed was planted near the bridge at the Lily pond, a herb garden was created near the entrance to the John Ray Garden, the beds between the John Ray Garden and the Lily pond were re planted to a scheme designed by the Management Committee. All this was done on one day which was also the hottest day of the summer in a spirit of superb camaraderie and cost the Gardens not one penny.

David Austin Roses and Wyvale planted roses through out the Gardens. On either side of the Main Entrance gates in the centre of each bed are Bonica roses. On the wall to the East of the main path and opposite the entrance to the John Ray garden, are planted some climbing roses – Albrighton Rambler and The Pilgrim.

In the bed to the South East of the bridge among the Girl Guides Centenary Rose – Harnova, (Planted in 2010) and the Women’s Institute Centenary Rose (planted in 2016) are:- Queen of Sweden, Lady of Shalott, Tranquillity, and Princess Ann and others.

We say again Thank You Tesco, Thank you Wyvale, Thank you Ground Force, Thank you Pond Specialist and Thank you David Austin Roses.   What you have done for the community of Braintree and Bocking will be enjoyed for a long time to come.