Tree Recognition Scheme

How to Measure a tree for Age and Height

What is it

There are some 80 trees in the Gardens which have been singled out to mention. These are either because they are, in some way unusual, or they are planted in memory of someone. If a tree is not mentioned it is because there are others in the garden that are of the same species.

We have setup the scheme as a way to record and remember those who the trees are in memory of, and to create and informative fun challenge you can either do whilst enjoying the gardens, or specifically for schools or youth groups to do as a challenge for their members.

How it works

1. The map

Soon after entering the Gardens to the North of the Gardens Coffeehouse, the Memorial Oak tree is to be found and underneath is a display board with a list of the significant trees and a map to find each one. The map is divided into Grid Squares 10 metres x 10 metres and marked with letters West to East and numbers South to North. EG The Memorial Oak is in Square L6


Map of the trees

2. The posts

The significant trees are either marked with a stake near it, and the stake has a tear drop shaped label on the top, giving the name of the tree, the Latin Name, its number on the Gardens Tree List, the Grid Sq it is situated in and a QR code which can be scanned with a Smart phone. Some of the trees are grouped and their labels are on “lecterns”, with the label pointing towards the tree and the distance in metres at the tip.

74 P1090092mod

Post with info

3. Scanning with a QR reader

These can be scanned in the same way as the individuals and  will take you to the page of that particular tree on our web site. In order to scan the QR Codes you will need a QR code reader –  If you have an Apple device or an Android device Go into your App Store and down load QR Reader. This is free. Once downloaded, select it and a square frame will appear. Hover this over the QR code on the post. You will hear a click and after few seconds you will see the tree’s page appear. If the label is wet give it a wipe with a handkerchief.

4. Alternative Booklet

Alternatively a booklet can be purchased from the Gardens Coffeehouse for £5 – all proceeds to the Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens Trust. This gives you exactly the same information, and is in the form of a guided tour of the trees in the Gardens.

The coffee shop

Now you can walk round the gardens and when you see a tree you would like to find out more about – scan the label on a stake or on a lectern and you see what has been written.

Any problems please email