What to see in April

Ceanothus April 16

Ceonothus just coming out

Pussy Willow April 16

Pussy Willow – bursting buds

Magnolia Soulangea April 16

Magnolia soulangea

Primroses April 16

Primroses near the Main Gate

Chionodoxa April 16

Chionodoxa near the sundial.

Japanese Quince April 16

Japanese Quince

As soon as as you walk into the Gardens, you are aware Spring is here. A wren is singing fit to burst and if you are in luck you will hear some of the other visiting warblers starting with the Chiff chaff. There is a fine show of primroses at the foot of the Lime tree immediately on your right. Pass the Coffeehouse and the Chionodoxas on the corner by the sundial are flowering away. Near the HMS Kite Memorial, the Magnolia Soulangea, is coming into flower on its bare branches. Further along the path past the War Memorial the Ceanothus is coming out. Turn Left past the Tennis Courts and look at the Pussy Willow with its bursting buds and near it one of at least 3 Japanese Quinces which have brilliant orangey red flowers coming out in March. Look at the fountain and its newly cleaned jet – it is no longer a mere dribble. The first of the broad-leaved trees to come into flower – the Horse Chestnut (near the Children’s Playground)


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