What to see in the Gardens in April

Magnolia planted in Memory of Sister Marjorie Hunt.

On Wednesday 26th April, 20 parishioners from St Peter’s Church Bocking came to the Public Gardens, with the Rev Fr Tim Barnes to help plant a Magnolia Stellata in memory of a much loved lady, Sister Marjorie Hunt.


Marjorie Hunt enjoying her morning cuppa in the Gardens Coffeehouse -2015









Now What to see in the Gardens in April – there is so much happening. I am delighted to report that the Ginko biloba tree planted in memory of Tony Newton, did not succumb to the drought last Summer, as we feared, but is producing new green leaves and looks to be fit and well. The Viburnhams (one near the Donation’s Post and the other on the East side of the path past the War Memorial are in full bloom and smelling sweetly. The orange coloured Japanese Quinces are well out in various parts of the Garden and the highly dependable Amelanchier just North of the Tennis Courts by the path is a real picture.

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