What to see in June

After a very chilly start Flaming June has at last arrived. There is much to see in the Gardens this month. As you walk round you may be stopped dead in your tracks by the glorious scent of the Philadelphus or mock Orange. There is one near the Japanese Maple and another at the South West corner of the John Ray Garden (outside). The Stumpery has now been planted up with ferns. A “perching” rock has appeared in the drinking pond in the Wildlife Area, where incidentally a pair of Goldcrests have been seen. South of the John Ray Garden the Davidia Handkerchief tree is flowering with its tissue like bracts. Now the Forget-me-nots are over, round the Memorial Oak, self seeded fox gloves are coming up. The Lily pond is coming to its peak, with several varieties of Water Lily coming into flower, and of course the Rhododendrons always put on a good show


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