What to see in November

What to see in November.

Jason and his team are waiting poised for the 2016 Leaf Fall Campaign which is much later than usual. No one can tell us why, but perhaps it is because the early part of the Summer was very wet, and then from July the drought set in. All in all it is a classic year for Autumn colour. Look again at the Amelanchier which is now in its full scarlet clothing. The two Sweet gums or Liquidambers are also giving a good show. The Berberis near the Lily pond and near it the Joshua tree.

The Parrotia Tree named for the man who was the second to climb mount Ararat – Noah being the first, and the Amelanchier near the tennis courts.


Tomorrow is the start of October, and there will be much to see in the Gardens this month. Keep an eye on the Amelanchier near the corner of the path North of the Tennis courts. It is just beginning to turn into its Autumn colour. It will become a brilliant red before it loses it’s leaves. The two Liquid Ambers (one by the path leading to the Wild Life area, and the other between the Tennis courts and the John Ray Garden) will be turning this month with beautiful Autumn colours. They are both still green at the moment. Then of course there is all the work carried out by the Tesco Volunteers and Wyvale to look at. Keep coming and Keep looking!

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